If you have a complicated booking or need us to set up some thing special please email ski@bigredcatskiing.com and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.

Non-Canadion payors: "Flywire" transfers are cheaper for you and me. Enter invoice number and name at bigredcats.flywire.com and pay in your local currency, and it will go to our account. There is a better exchange rate for you, and no deposit fees for me. I'll have to set up the booking for you though, so email me at ski@bigredcatskiing.com.

If you want to book an ability level which is not shown, and there is a cat available with 12 seats or more, contact us and we can change the ability level of that cat for you. Please note that if the system doesn't calculate something correctly (ie every seat must be booked with a $4 Crown Land User Fee), we may have to adjust manually and bill the missing amount - discounts should be applied on the check-out page.

You can book consecutive days by setting start and end date. To book multiple non-consecutive days, or to add lodging or lift passes, you need to book the first day, and then "add item" to go back and select the next day or next item.

Bookings made after 30 Sep are billed in full. Others are billed a 30% deposit, and remainder 90 days before the trip.

Choose ability level carefully, for yourself and for your friends. Those who consistently slow the group or restrict run choices for the group may be asked to sit some runs out.

Please advise us of your guest's names and any dietary requests such as vegetarian or gluten-free.

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